Never Let Small Things

  Never Let Small Things The rule says it all. Often we get upset if a person steps on our foot accidentally, or if a person cuts in line. Remember that these things should not affect you so much, it is not worth it. Try to understand people and know that they are not conspiring

Never Worry About Anything

Never Worry About Anything A worried person can never be happy. Imagine a time when you were so worried, you probably weren’t able to sleep, eat or relax. Never Worry About Anything Because Worrying can cause heart attacks, headaches, backaches and many more. Worrying is basically anticipating a bad result in a future occurrence. It

The Big Idea of life

The Big Idea of life Happiness is something that everyone aims for. Most of the time, people do everything they can in order to be happy. But true happiness  and The Big Idea of life comes   from within, not from power, money or fame, but from the person himself. One cannot be truly happy unless

Constructive Criticism Examples

Constructive Criticism Examples Since you were young you have been taught values and the norms of what is right and wrong in our world. You were taught that stealing and cheating is wrong.Do not allow Constructive Criticism Examples to dominate your life. Jut because somebody thinks this aspect of you is a flaw does not