Never Let Small Things


Never Let Small Things
Never Let Small Things

Never Let Small Things

The rule says it all. Often we get upset if a person steps on our foot accidentally, or if a person cuts in line. Remember that these things should not affect you so much, it is not worth it. Try to understand people and know that they are not conspiring against you. Reason with yourself and prevent a stressful day just because of one little thing.

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Know that the world is not fair and it stays that way. The only thing fair is that, the world is unfair for everyone. Everything cannot go the way you want it to be and the world has its way of playing with you. Try to be flexible and if something bad happens go forward to plan B and don’t mull over it.

Men are social beings and we cannot live without interacting with other people. But oftentimes, it is other people that can cause us unhappiness. A person can become unhappy when people disapprove of him or when he is overlooked. In these situations it is better to let go of your pride and shrink your egos a little bit. Accept the current situation, move on and try to do better next time.

Remember to let go of resentment. If things do not go the way you want it to be, accept it and try to be flexible. Know that problems are part of everyday life and accept that fact. It is a good thing to depend on the Almighty and know that He will not give you a challenge that you cannot get over with. Know that small things only bother you if you let it.

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